Sapwood Guard is a fantasy comic about a woman who guides travelers through a dangerous and malevolent forest. This comic is a prequel story to a future comic called Jailbird Down. It’s planned to be around 150 pages long. Although many of the places and characters were already around in some form, the specific idea for the story was something I thought of after watching a playthrough of The Last of Us. I wanted to do something with a character like Joel, but a woman and not a motherly one at that.

Ultimately, Sapwood Guard is about loneliness and friendship in a dangerous world. If you’re interested in the project, you can check out my twitter (hisstidine) where I talk about development and post sketches.

A woman stands in front of a dark forest, her back towards the viewer. She is wearing brown armor with a cream-colored undershirt and black pants. She carries a round, silver-colored shield in her right hand that glows a bright blue color. Bright green ferns and other brush plants grow around the trees of the forest.Strange black tendrils can be seen between the trees of the forest, surrounded by bright blue flecks floating among the trees. At the top, the words “Sapwood Guard,” and at the bottom, “Chapter One Ghost Town.”